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Drive Safer Loves Working With High Schools

Drive Safer-schools2Drive Safer’s number one goal is to decrease teen fatalities and injuries from car crashes. From exposing teens to real-life driving situations on safely designed, closed-courses, to delivering a range of high-impact classroom and auditorium presentations, we work with parents, schools, and communities to help teens learn the skills they need to be confident, safe drivers.

Drive Safer’s in-school programs, include 40-80 minute classroom and auditorium presentations, safety fairs with driving simulators and other fun, hands-on activities. Drive Safer also provides specific Parent Orientation Programs and workshops including Share the Keys workshops and The Keys To Control for Parents.

Drive Safer’s flagship fundraising program for high schools (typically run through various school groups, department or parent groups and associations) helps raise money while promoting safe driving. For more information please download the Drive Safer Fundraising Program Guide, or simply JOIN THE DRIVE SAFER FUNDRAISING PROGRAM.

Specific details for our high school teen driving programs are listed below.  Please feel free to download our Drive Safer School Programs Guide.



THE KEYS TO CONTROL | An interactive Classroom Presentation on Car Control and Vehicle Dynamics

In this program, we quickly review the statistics of teen driving, the history of driver education, the biggest enemies and allies of teen drivers and the GDL program.

The core of the presentation focuses on introducing the keys to ensuring your car remains IN CONTROL!  We explore WHY the vehicle does what it does, the physics behind it and offer some information as to how to properly “TELL” your car what to do, using various control inputs and other critical driver strategies.

Format: Classroom Presentation with multimedia

Length:  60 minutes, but can be tailored from 40 mins to 80 mins.

Number of Students: up to 150

THE KEYS TO CONTROL | An interactive Assembly on Car Control and Vehicle Dynamics

The information included in this presentation is similar to the lecture, but geared towards larger groups.

Many schools will opt for this style of presentation and invite classes down to the auditorium during their physical education, health and driver education classes.

The program is geared towards 10th – 12th grade students; however, oftentimes 9th grade classes are included as well.  This program is also used for senior presentations and pre-prom presentations.

Format: Assembly with multimedia

Length:  60 minutes, but can be tailored from 40 mins to 80 mins.

Number of Students: 150+

SKIDCAR® DEMONSTRATIONS | Maintaining Control – Skid Control and Recovery

We will bring the Drive Safer SKIDCAR® to your school and perform some demonstrations for your students to see how critically important car control is.

An Instructor will drive the SKIDCAR® (at slow speeds), while another Instructor is speaking to the students explaining the maneuvers and illustrating why car control and understanding the art and science of driving is critical to survival behind the wheel.

Format: Standing Assembly in school parking lot

Length: 90 minutes

Number of Students: up to 150+



Parents are the key to keeping teen driver’s safe!  Parents are the most important role models for our teens as they learn to drive (and in many other areas of life!) and it is critical that parents understand the rules of the Graduated Driver License (GDL) and clearly understand some of the most important aspects of keeping their teens safe when they get behind the wheel as a new driver, or when they get in a car with another teen driver.

Drive safer is proud to present two different parent orientation programs to introduce parents to the critical information they need, when their teens are entering into the world of driving.

During a parent orientation, parents (and teens) will learn the most effective methods and techniques to use when teaching their teen to drive. We review GDL laws in detail to make sure everyone is up-to-speed on how they work, we discuss the various parenting styles and share the most effective parenting style when it comes to teen driving, we share strategies for fitting in deliberate supervised practice driving, share amazing resources available to parents and more!


This program is geared towards parents; however, it is useful for teens to attend as well.  Parents will leave with a deeper understanding of the dangers of teen driving as well as specific strategies to help them train, coach and empower their teens to be safe drivers.

In this program, we discuss and review:

  • the shocking statistics of teen driving
  • the history of driver education
  • the biggest enemies and allies of teen drivers
  • parenting styles and their effect(s) on teen drivers
  • the Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) Law and restrictions
  • the keys to control
  • choosing a driving school
  • advanced programs for driver training and education.

Format:  Assembly with multimedia

Length: 60 – 75 minutes

Number of Participants: Any (dependent on venue size)

SHARE THE KEYS | A Parent Teen Orientation

Drive Safer-sharethekeys

The program content includes the following:

  • Understanding the Graduated Driver License (GDL)
  • Being a Good Role Model
  • Effectively Enforcing the GDL at Home
  • Increasing Practice Driving Hours
  • Controlling the Keys

This is an interactive orientation for parents and teens designed to reduce teen driver crash risk by increasing parental involvement.

Teen driver safety is a community issue. Bringing an orientation like Share the Keys to your community can increase awareness and community involvement to help keep teen drivers safe!


Kean University in partnership with the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety and New Jersey State Police has developed Share the Keys, a research based, data-driven orientation designed to reduce teen driver crash risks by increasing parental involvement.

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws are recognized as the single most effective tool for reducing teen driver crashes, injuries and deaths. While New Jersey’s GDL is considered one of the most progressive and stringent in the United States, it must be clearly understood and supported by parents to save lives. To that end, ensuring that parents and teens fully understand the risks and responsibilities associated with driving is essential to teen driver safety.

Format: Interactive Lecture (evening hours)

Length: 90 minutes

Number of Parent/Student pairs: Any



Where Driver’s Ed Drops Off…Drive Safer Picks Up

Drive Safer is committed to changing teen driving habits and reducing the risk of serious injury through awareness and hands-on learning. To do that successfully, we know that we need to engage with schools, parents, and teens. If you’re looking for fundraising ideas for high school groups and organizations, we have worked hard to create a program to help you raise money and save lives! And it’s FREE!

Schools that sign up to partner with Drive Safer will have a unique opportunity to help our teens become better drivers and make the roads in our communities safer.


With Drive Safer, your organization gets a meaningful – and trouble-free way to raise money for your school. Simply sign your school up to partner with Drive Safer for FREE and you’ll earn up to 12% cash back for every participant in one of our Teen Driving Events. It’s that simple. No wrapping paper sales to organize. No fundraisers to manage and host. No paperwork or money to collect. We do all the work. You get all the benefits. And that’s a win for your school!


In today’s world where car crashes kill 8 teens every day and over 300,000 teens are seriously injured, the days of simply relying on traditional driver’s education classes are over. To beat those odds, they need real, practical experience. That’s where Drive Safer comes in. Unlike typical driving schools, Drive Safer’s certified high-performance driving instructors coach your teen on safely designed, closed-courses. This helps teens learn the skills and build their confidence to handle real-life driving situations before it’s too late. And that’s a win for teens and the people who love them!


  • Any school group, department or organization (Parent Org’s,Athletic Boosters, Clubs, etc) can sign up to be a partner of Drive Safer
  • You register online on our website by completing the online registration form.
  • We will contact you to begin and provide you with the necessary materials that will help train you on how to roll-out this Drive Safer Fundraising Program including:
    • A customized webpage for your school
    • Custom Banners for your website
    • School assembly programs
    • Parent Orientation programs
    • Parent/Teen Workshop Programs
    • Classroom lectures
    • Email Promotions
    • Social Media Promotions
    • Press Releases
    • Posters and Flyers
    • and more
Drive Safer Fundraising Brochure Cover


  • You use these tools to market and promote and get as many people to attend the Drive Safer events
  • When the Participants use your links, and sign-up on our website, the source link is tracked and you are credited for their registration
  • For every participant sign-up, you receive money back towards your fundraiser


The benefits to your organization are not only financial, but you are helping to solve one of the biggest problems that face our teens and our families today.


Q. How much money can our organization expect to raise with a Drive Safer fundraiser?

A. Schools have successfully raised thousands of dollars by promoting Drive Safer programs. Remember, the programs are not only for teenagers, but they are good for the entire family. For each person in your family that takes a course, you may be able to save money on your auto insurance for up to 3 consecutive years!

Q. How much work is involved for our organization if we become a Drive Safer Fundraising Partner?

A. Not that much! We have tried to make it as easy as possible.  We know how hard it is to take on even more in our already jam-packed lives. Drive Safer has put together all of the materials that you will need to help promote the event. We will come to your organization meetings to speak about the program, provide you with emails, brochures, posters, flyers, a custom web-page, a templated press release and virtually anything else that you can think of to help you promote the event.

Q. When will we receive the funds from our fundraising efforts?

A. All payments are sent within 30 days of each event for all of the participants that have attended and have paid in full using your Fundraising Partner Affiliate links.

Q. Does Drive Safer carry insurance? What is your coverage?

A. Every participant (driver) that operates a vehicle within the confines of our event is covered from our policy if they were to damage the facility or a third party person or object that is not located within the “restricted area” (which is the coned off portions of the course).

As long as it is a party that is authorized to be in the “restricted area” the driver would be covered if they were to harm them as well.

The vehicle that they are driving is not covered by the Drive Safer policy, and is the responsibility of the individual’s insurance policy.

Q. What is the minimum age allowed to participate in a Drive Safer Program?

A. For our Car Control and Defensive Driving Programs and Parallel Parking Boot Camps™, participants must be a minimum of 16 years of age AND have at least achieved their learners permit. All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian execute the Adult/Minor waiver prior to participating and the Parent/Guardian must be present at the event.

For our Building Blocks™ Young Teen Driver Program, the participants must be at least 14 years of age, and a parent or guardian present at the event.

Q. Is there a maximum age for participation?

A. NO! We don’t believe that anyone loses the opportunity to learn at any point in their driving career. Our Instructors are incredibly talented and experienced and are always able to help a driver improve. They also have a keen eye on finding and correcting bad habits.

We encourage parents to take the course along with their kids; it creates an excellent bonding opportunity!

Q. Is there an instructor in the vehicle during Drive Safer Events?

A. There is always an instructor in the car with the participant whenever the participant is actively engaging in any of the exercises. The participant may be without an instructor while lined up in a queue in preparation for an exercise or while rotating to the next exercise.

Q. What are the instructors’ backgrounds?

A. Our team of instructors is among the best that you can find. Each of them has completed a certified Instructor Training School with at  least one of the national sanctioning High Performance Driver  Education (HPDE) programs. They have spent hundreds of hours riding “right seat” with students, teaching everything from the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics to advanced driving skills to practicing race craft.

The instructors for our Building Blocks™ and Parallel Parking Boot Camp programs are driving instructors from our partner Drive Safer Certified™ Driving Schools.

Q. Will this teach our students to be reckless and over-confident?

A. NO. There is an old adage that says “Practice makes perfect”. Our Instructors never focus on creating reckless situations or environments. They DO focus on how to be prepared for and to react to those types of situations. A firefighter trains by practicing running into burning buildings not because they enjoy that situation, but for the unfortunate time when they must do it, they have their training to rely on. Our course offers a similar approach. It is our belief that when a dangerous condition presents itself, our training will result in a second-nature reaction that will protect the driver.

Q. Does your course replace the 6 hour driving school?

A. NO. All of our programs are in-addition to the programs that are provided by licensed driving schools. For all of our programs, with the exception of the Building Blocks™ program, each student must already have received their learner’s permit prior to being eligible to participate in a Drive Safer Car Control and Defensive Driving Course or Parallel Parking Boot Camp™.

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