It Could Get Expensive Leaving Snow On Your Car’s Roof

It Could Get Expensive Leaving Snow On Your Cars Roof

It Could Get Expensive Leaving Snow On Your Car’s Roof

Watch out, drivers! Always make sure to remove the collected snow from the top of your car before you hit the road.

Did you know that motorists in New Jersey can be fined for failing to remove accumulated snow from their vehicles?

You can be charged $25-$75 for failing to remove the snow and $200-$1,000 if the snow flies off and causes injury or property damage. According to studies, some of the deadliest accidents are caused by airborne ice flying off vehicles, especially that of large vans and trucks.

It is important to remove the accumulated snow from the top of your car because it can turn to ice and fall onto your windshield, consequently blocking your vision while driving.

With the harsh winter season underway, you must take many precautions in order to keep yourself safe and prevent the endangerment of others. Check out our article, 10 Tips To Keep Yourself Safe This Winter Seasonwhich not only highlights important tricks to stay safe, but also focuses on how to navigate the severe winter weather.

Leaving your car wrapped in a snow blanket can cause a very dangerous situation for the cars travelling in front and behind you on the road. Keep yourself and others safe this winter season!

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