How To Be A Good Passenger

how to be a good passenger

How To Be A Good Passenger

Drivers today are frequently given tips and suggestions on how to avoid distractions on the road, most notably focused on the dangers of using your cell phone while driving, but seldom are we given tips on the importance of being a good passenger.

As a passenger, your behavior is just as crucial as the driver’s. You have the responsibility to make sure that the driver remains focused on the road and resists the many temptations and distractions that they may face, such as texting, talking on the phone, constantly changing the radio stations or even using the GPS.ns or even using the GPS.

Passengers are one of the biggest distractions, especially for young drivers. Drivers are easily and often preoccupied by juicy conversations regarding the hottest girl in school or plans for the upcoming senior prom.

As passengers, we must be considerate of the driver and understand that we have a duty to help them keep both eyes on the road in order for everyone to stay safe. The following is a list of some useful tips to help you and others become better and more considerate passengers:

1) Buckle Up: Be a responsible passenger and set a good example. Always remember to buckle up when getting into the car. Do you really want to be the reason that your friends gets pulled over by a policeman and receives a ticket? In addition to the traffic fine, it is important to understand that seat belts are one of the most effective traffic safety devices for preventing death and injury. Always make sure to remind the driver to use their seat belt if they happen to forget.

2) Stay Out of the Way:
 Do you think the driver feels comfortable and safe when you’re blocking their view of the road? Next time you think about shoving your head out of the backseat car window to feel the warm summer breeze, or stand up and take a peek out of the sunroof, take a second to think if you’re obstructing the driver’s view! Do not be oblivious to everything around you. Become aware. Drivers have many distractions to worry about, so make sure you are not one of them!

3) Hang Up The Phone:
 Don’t be that obnoxious passenger screaming on your phone at someone. Call them back. When you talk on your cell phone, the conversation can be a huge distraction because both the passenger and driver are in such a tight, enclosed space. If you must talk on the phone, speak with a calm and low voice. In addition, don’t talk about any mouth-watering gossip, or the driver may become very distracted!

4) Be a Designated Texter:
 Never encourage texting while driving! If you see that the driver has an important text message that they need to read or send, you are there to help. You need to take control of the phone, because the driver’s job is to pay full attention on the road.

5) Don’t be a Backseat Driver:
 Don’t be a control freak! Some passengers are constantly giving orders and directions to the driver. Pointing out all their flaws and mistakes while driving can cause added pressure and intense anxiety! Save the comments and suggestions for before or after the ride. No one likes a backseat driver.

6) Abide by the Driver’s Rules:
 Refrain from arguing in car. Is a fight about what radio station to choose really worth your life? Just because you want to listen to “Barbie Girl”, doesn’t mean the driver does! Remember that when you’re a passenger in someone else’s car, you must abide by their rules.

7) Stay Calm:
 When you’re a passenger, you must always stay calm. Even the most vigilant drivers make mistakes on the road. When these situations occur, you must remain unflustered and stay quiet. Causing a scene by screaming at the top of your lungs will not help the situation. Loud noises or movements can startle the driver, exacerbating the situation.

It is important to understand that, as passengers, we have the ability to control our behavior in order to prevent tragic accidents and horrid consequences. If you do not feel comfortable driving with particular passengers in the car, express your feelings. It is much more important to feel safe and secure while driving, rather than submitting to the pressures of others.

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