Simply put, Drive Safer Certified™ Driving Schools are among the best!

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Don’t let your business be commoditized!  You should not be competing solely on price. You should be competing on quality! When you can clearly demonstrate value and a commitment to excellent training, development & safety, and have the proper tools in your toolbox, your school will be the obvious choice!

The Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School program is a game changer for Driving Schools, for students and for families.  By participating in this program, your business is sending a clear message – “We are worth every cent you are going to pay to teach your family member to drive safer!”

How does a driving school become Drive Safer Certified™

Schools that are interested in becoming Drive Safer Certified™ must apply (you can access the form below).  If you are selected to become Drive Safer Certified™, you are agreeing to providing the highest quality of driver education, training and customer service.

You will be required to have all of your instructors trained in Car Control and Defensive Driving by Drive Safer.  Once you instructors have completed the training, you will become Drive Safer Certified™.

Every participating Driving School receives a “Drive Safer Certified™” sticker to display in the window of each of your training vehicles.  This sticker identifies your school as a school that cares, has invested time in enhancing the skills of their instructors and is committed to excellent driver education.

Drive Safer places a link for each Certified Driving School on our website in the “DS Certified” section of our website, as well as a custom Driving School Profile Page, to help direct new business leads your way as well as promoting your business via our marketing and social media channels.  In addition, when we receive inbound calls for a driving school, we direct the callers to one of our Drive Safer Certified™ partners.  In the past twelve (12) months, we have referred over 500 students to various Drive Safer Certified™ Partners, helping them increase and enhance their business, and helping families make the smart choice when choosing a driving school.

In addition, as a Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School, you agree to promote Drive Safer’s programs via your website, by providing specific links to the Drive Safer website on your website for advanced driver training and defensive driving courses. In addition, if you agree to an additional section on your website to promote Drive Safer’s Car Control and Defensive Driving Courses, we will set you up with an affiliate tracking link, and you will be eligible to receive a commission for each student that signs up via your link.

Further, most of our Drive Safer Certified™ Driving Schools have reported reduced insurance rates for their business based on becoming partners, and some have saved in excess of 25% on their business auto insurance!

Driving School Marketing Partnership Program

If you’re like many other businesses, you’re guilty of not having enough hours in the day to send the emails, create newsletters, perform search engine optimization (SEO), local search, update your website with fresh and relevant content, (perhaps even have a website), have a mobile or responsive website, etc.  Simply put you’re too busy working IN your business to work ON your business.

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We understand that loud and clear and have put together a partnership with Driving School Marketing (, a marketing company that is dedicated to exclusively working with Driving Schools and Driving Educators.

This group has tremendous knowledge, experience and resources to help you grow your business.  Through this partnership, Drive Safer Certified™ Driving Schools will receive a significant discount for services from Driving School Marketing.

There’s no hidden agenda — both Drive Safer and Driving School Marketing know that if we help you grow your business, you will help us grow too! To that end, we’ve put together a suite of marketing services from web design/development/hosting to social media management and content creation, direct mail programs, AdWords management, SEO, local search management and more!

Some of these services are provided to you free of charge for Drive Safer Certified™ Driving Schools, and there are advanced services available for minimal and reasonable costs.

If you’re interested in growing your business even faster, Driving School Marketing has an advanced coaching program as well, that will help you take your business to the next level quickly, efficiently and effectively.

If you’re interested, simply fill out the form below, and let’s schedule an initial call to discuss the opportunities to partner!

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